GAP Analysis : GDPR

What is GAP Analysis?

GAP Analysis is the process by which we identify, review and analyse the current IT Systems and Business Applications of a client business. For many – it is the first step taken in preparation for GDPR.


Why do it?

If you are working with or operating a business out of the EU, a GAP analysis will help achieve clarity around requirements which will help you towards GDPR compliance. The process of carrying out a GAP analysis helps to protect the business and data subjects within that business whether they be employees, customers or suppliers.

Our GAP Analysis process takes a very direct approach in identifying all applications and services used on the client site. It unearths how the existing business applications and procedures currently operate highlighting the potential GDPR obligations, risks and work practices.


How do we do it:

Our professional services team will meet with you to carry out intensive group workshops, working through the process piece by piece with our experts. Following the first workshop we will review and analyse the findings before reverting to you with suggestions and advice on next steps.

The next stage involves mentoring and collaboration which ultimately equips the team with tools and capabilities to continue the process for the business internally.


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