GDPR : IT Policy & Procedure

GDPR : IT Security Policies

This service involves the professional services team working with you to design a bespoke suite of policies and procedures assembles with the sole aim of helping your organisation towards GDPR compliance. This process has four stages:


IT Policy

We will work with you to compose and deliver your IT policies to suit your business, your team and your clients using appropriate language to ensure a successful outcome for your organisation.

Your IT Policies should be viewed as separate from your HR policies and will help your wider team in protecting sensitive data and also act as a marker for your clients in highlighting your commitment in this area.


IT Risk Management
IT Risk Management is the application of the principles of risk management to the use of IT applications and infrastructure within an organisation. IT risks tends to be managed according to the following steps:

  • Assessment
  • Mitigation
  • Evaluation and recommendations

We recommend the use of IT risk management as an ongoing service to ensure continued compliance with GDPR.


Gap Analysis

We will assess the difference in performance between your business’ information systems or software applications to determine whether business requirements are being met. We will tell you where you are at and where you need to be at. We will then advise you on best practice process for achieving the required results! More on GAP Analysis here.


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