Managed IT Services

Our progressive managed IT services are one of the reasons why tec support are leading the way in IT Support in Ireland today. Because we have over a decade of experience working with customers across a broad variety of business sectors, our managed IT service offering is cutting edge and allows our customers to concentrate on their business while we look after their IT Network. Our helpdesk operates an out of hours service and we are constantly investing in our team to ensure they have the most up to date industry certifications and are exposed to the most progressive technology available.

With a team on the road and 3 offices nationwide – the tec support team are never far away if you need them. We offer all of our customers a choice of contract options which include packages to suit every budget and include a variety of Managed IT Services such as:

  • A managed helpdesk

Our helpdesk provides out of hours IT support to our customers on the phone or via remote access using our online portal. Whenever you contact us, our support team will ensure you get top notch service and they will curate the perfect team for your challenge.

  • Onsite and offsite support

We provide remote and onsite support depending on your needs. Our experienced team will employ the quickest most effective method in resolving any issues you may have from  server issues to installation of new software or infrastructure.

  • Monitoring and maintenance checks

Our ongoing proactive monitoring ensures that your system is always being carefully observed. We have developed maintenance procedures to allow us anticipate any changes in your IT environment to ensure little or no disruption at all times.

We offer a full suite of IT and Data Security services to include a full service disaster recovery solution and back up solutions. We actively monitor our customers’ online and data security with a number of innovative IT solutions and the aim of ensuring downtime is avoided at all costs.

For almost a decade now we have been leading the way in cloud computing. Our constantly evolving solutions allow us to offer our customers the most cost effective and tech savvy options available to them at all times.

Our team of experts can advise, implement and manage any IT network infrastructure required for your business.  With our Industry leading network partners, we have experience working with wired, wireless, mobile device management, BYOD and remote access secure connections. We also install secure WiFi enabling greater access to their customers for our clients.

With long term partnerships and accreditations with the worlds leading IT suppliers we are in the perfect position to advise you on your choice of business hardware which we will then source and install for you.

We offer domain registration and renewal as well as email hosting.


Outsourced IT Services:

Many of our customer use our Managed IT Services as an outsourced IT department. This is attractive to organisations who do not have IT expertise in house and who do not wish to take responsibility of their own IT on board. In this situation, the tec support IT Team will become a part of your team, working closely with your key personnel to ensure a holistic brief is taken and a bespoke solution is found.


IT Project Management:

Some organisations prefer to use the tec support team on a project by project basis depending on their IT requirements at any given time. Our expert engineers will help with advice, planning and installation for IT infrastructure or IT software projects. We have the technical knowledge and experience to help you with any problem or challenge. Our engineers will take you from planning through to deployment with a vast array of IT Projects such as :


Service Level Agreements :

Many of our customers find our fixed price SLA’s the most beneficial and cost effective option.  We offer customer a choice of three different tiers of Managed IT Services, each of which comes with a corresponding monthly fee. The individual Service Level Agreement’s or SLA’s come with a guaranteed response time, onsite and remote support, regular remote checks, monitoring and labour costs included. The beauty of the SLA means that our customers have a dedicated IT Service Manager and a Primary Engineer allocated to their contract to work with you and your team for the duration.


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