Our Journey

tec support evolved from the coming together of two IT support companies, Traventec and AMC in the early noughties, In 2008 with a small team of engineers, tec support was launched providing IT support to over 250 clients nationwide – some of whom are still with us today! We have enjoyed lots of change and development in the intervening years before opening a Dublin office in 2012 and merging with the 40 year old technology company ice cube in late 2014. Ice cube are market leaders in the Credit Union, Quarry, Mart and Market Industries in Ireland and the UK, responsible for designing and developing the leading industry software package CU247.

Together with our exceptional staff we are providing both hardware and software solutions in a tailored and dedicated fashion to all our customers. We offer round the clock support as well as ongoing consultancy, maintenance and a training facility. We pride ourselves on our straight talking expert staff, who always find an impactful solution to every challenge presented to them.

tec support are currently leading the way in Ireland as one of the most cloud competent organisations in the country.

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