Professional Services

Our professional services team have expertise in the provision of  IT Security Policies and  Procedures and this offering complements our IT Security department by working with our clients to ensure they have everything they require in place to best facilitate compliance. Our aim is to help:

  • Avoid potential breaches
  • Manage actual breaches
  • Protect sensitive data from external breaches
  • Protect data from internal breaches

With an impressive track record over a decade delivering state of the art IT Solutions to clients across myriad sectors nationwide, we are perfectly placed to partner your organisation on your journey to GDPR compliance.


How tec support can help

  • GDPR demands compliance in IT Security and compliance in IT Policies.
  • tec support are unique in that we have the professional capabilities to deliver both.
  • Our holistic approach to compliance and maintenance means your business is prepared not only from a         technical perspective for GDPR but also from a controls and process perspective too.
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